Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When you make tall,skinny babies....

...there is often some 'ghetto booty' going on in your house.
G - circa Oct. 2009 (18 months)
{sorry for the crappy cell phone photo}

H - 13 months...circa EVERY day

(Not only do my children both have issues with droopy britches, they apparently like to run away from me with said droopy britches!!)
And, since the MIL is in town and sleeping in my sewing room, there is little crafting going on in my home right now.  However, I always enjoy a 'quick fix', and, although it's probably a stretch to say this is a "craft", it does involve fabric and snaps.  And a hammer.  I'm going to say that qualifies it.  ;)

As stated in the title, I (somehow!!!) make tall, skinny babies.  Well, the tall part isn't unbelievable...I'm 5'10" and the hubs is 6'2".  The skinny part?  Yeah.  I don't get that one either. 

Anyhoo...it never fails that the boys need clothes to fit the length, and while I am able to find most pants with the adjustable waist band (some brilliant woman made millions on this idea!!), pjs are another story.  I love the cotton, t-shirt material, 2-piece deals for my guys, especially in the summer.  And who can pass up $3 pjs (when they're on sale) at Walmart??!

Enter the hammer. 
And snaps.
And for those of us who are too cheap to buy one of the nifty snap affixing tool thingies (technical term), you can use a wooden block, or an 864 year old wooden spool handed down by your mother.
With the pants on the child, I pull the fabric together in the back until they're snug enough to stay up.  I usually use a safety pin (or just keep them pinched between my fingers, pick up the child with the other hand, and remove the pants altogether) to judge how much fabric needs to be taken in.  (Sorry, no picture for this step.  I'm not quite talented enough to hold a 20 pound wriggly child, the pants, AND the camera.  Sorry.  I'll work on my awesomeness skills.)


Using the rear seam as a guide, I keep that as my center, and adjust my pinning/holding/marking accordingly.

Attach the snaps on either side of your center seam with the "top" of the snap on the inside of the waistband.  By doing this, the 'male' end of the snap will be pointing away from baby when unsnapped and you'll never have to worry about it coming unsnapped (or leaving it unsnapped) while baby is sleeping or when baby fills out enough not to need the snap.

Then just fold the back of the pants together (extra fabric will be against baby's back)...
...and SNAP!

Insert baby, and you're done!

The best part of this quick fix, is that if you attach the snap in the waistband, once baby grows you can either just leave it unsnapped or remove the snap altogether, and there will be very little evidence of it ever having been there.

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