Learning About Momnesia

Think we're making it up? Well, research proves...

Babies can cause Momnesia
Postpartum changes may bring on Momnesia
Mom forget you? Maybe she has Momnesia...
Study finds that pregnancy brain (or Momnesia) is real

So next time you forget your anniversary, come home from the grocery store without any of the things you really needed, are an hour late for a playdate or fail to make it to a doctor's appointment, you've got the perfect excuse!

But if your Momnesia is starting to get on your nerves, here are some (humorous) ways of coping with the touch of insanity your beautiful, amazing children have brought into your previously organized, well-balanced life:

Momnesia: A Humorous Guide to Surviving Your Post Baby Brain

And if laughing at with other moms helps relieve some stress, here are some great stories:

Momnesia: The Mom Brain