Favorite Mom Things

Excellent resources for moms to help disguise your Momnesia!

Babysteals - offers two items a day (one in the morning, one in the evening) super-cheap. It's kind of like the Woot! for mom and baby items. One of the best things they sell is the Ergo baby carrier because it's so rarely on sale. It's offered every few months in the $70-75 range, which is significantly cheaper than the usual retail price. You can sign up to have information on the sale items emailed to you daily, or if you'd rather not have another email in your already full inbox, you can like them on Facebook and their daily items will show up on your news feed.

Kids.Woot! - a great site to check daily (just once a day--unless their having a woot-off sale). It offers one item a day, super-duper cheap. I've purchased bundles of Melissa and Doug toys, which are great to have on hand when a friend's baby has a birthday and due to your momnesia, you realize that you failed to buy a gift until you're about to get in the car and drive to the party... Plus, parents won't hate you for getting their kid an obnoxious, electronic, noise-maker that their kid wants to play with ALL.THE.TIME.