Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Slacker, Slacker!

Ugh! I've been a negligent blogger lately... And I really don't have a valid excuse, other than A) my pregnancy drained me of all my crafting mojo, and I am just beginning to recover some of it, B) the last couple of months have been complete insanity that involved traveling to Texas (with my kids) and to Hawaii (with DH) and two visits by my parents, C) work has been awful--I don't really know why, considering that I'm only teaching one class this semester, and D) although in the past couple weeks or so, I've returned to crafting with a vengeance, all I seem to have time for is the actual crafting itself--not writing about it!

So...just a couple of my recent projects:

I wrote a pattern for an adorable giraffe hat, which can be found on my other blog:

2) I knit a cardigan for my soon-to-be little girl using the Maile pattern on What to Knit When You're Expecting. I LOVE how it turned out. 

3) I knit myself a shrug that is far too small for me at the moment because I've put on a significant amount of weight (eek!). I love the shrug, so it will definitely be motivation to lose the weight after Lady Penelope is born. 

4) I knit a little cardigan and matching hat for Penelope, and although I wasn't terribly pleased with the yarn's color scheme, I think the end result looks okay... 

5) I finally finished writing the pattern for the Stereostyle Hat, and I need test knitters and crocheters!

6) And finally, I finished the Ratchet and Clank hats, but I don't yet have the pattern written... I'm working on it! 

And my final excuse for my very long absence from the blog-o-sphere... Well, I'm easily distracted: