About Creative Momnesia

mom·ne·sia: (mäm-ˈnē-zhə) n. 1. loss of memory due to having children. 2. a gap in one's memory as a result of being a mother. 

Creative Momnesia is a collaboration between JuliaStitches and The Caffeinated Mommy, two moms who are entirely consumed by the task of raising happy and well-adjusted little boys. When we have the occasional moments of solitude (when our children are fast asleep), we knit and sew and craft to our hearts' content--usually in a mad rush to get things done and put away before the kids get up

JuliaStitches: I am a (mostly) SAHM to two year old twin boys--Charlie and Lincoln--who bring both absolute joy and complete insanity to my life. When I'm not feeding, cleaning, clothing, entertaining, teaching, disciplining or otherwise occupied by my boys, I knit, crochet, blog, scour the internet for other craftiness, tweet (JuliaStitches) and sometimes sleep in order to escape the fog of Momnesia.

The Caffeinated Mommy: I'm (stay at home) Mommy to Garrett (3 years) and Hudson (358 days), Wifey to Rich, and disciplinarian to our 2 dogs - one of whom is completely insane and has the medication to prove it.  I've owned a sewing machine for years but have just recently discovered that I can, indeed, sew a straight line. I enjoy most any craft (with the exception of scrapbooking) and find myself spending more and more time in front of my machine to escape the utter (wonderful!) chaos that is our life.  Because of this, my daily caffeine intake has exponentially increased to compensate for the late bedtimes and to help offset my daily bouts of Momnesia.