Favorite Crafty Things

Both JuliaStitches and The Caffeinated Mommy spend quite a bit of time on the internet. Sometimes, this is our only link to the outside world. So here are some of the cool, crafty things we've found:

JuliaStitches' Recommendations: 

CraftFail: This page cracks me up. It's a running compilations of crafting projects gone wrong. You know you've been there.

Homemade TipJunkie: This is, by far, one of my favorite crafty websites. There are literally hundreds of how-tos for lots of great projects--everything from knitting, sewing, recycling/repurposing household objects, etc. It's definitely a page you should bookmark.

Geek Crafts: I don't know that I really qualify as a geek... But I definitely have some geek-y tendencies. I grew up with an older brother who is a totally awesome uber-geek, so I can relate. ;-) It's a fun site to browse through every now and again.