Friday, October 28, 2011


Wow.  It's been a while.

I guess life has gotten in the way of daily crafting time, although I do have a new, super-amazing, custom order {from my etsy} to share about!

A custom hospital gown for Mom and and matching, personalized infant gown for baby!

I must admit: I was T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D. to start the gown.  Seriously terrified.  As in, it sat there for 3 days after I had cut the pieces, before I would start sewing.

In hindsight, the baby gown with all its detail {and small size} was much more of a challenge.  But it was in my comfort zone.

You see, until this project, I had never {EVER!!!} sewn anything from a pattern.  And I do mean ever.  Ends up, it's not nearly as hard as I was afraid of, and I am super psyched with how it turned out!

There's no step-by-step on this one.  I modified it a bit, but the original {FREE!!} pattern was found here.  I shortened it to her specifications and modified the width - not as big as possible, but on the bigger side - to allow room for her pregnant, or soon after delivery belly.  The shoulders have 4 snaps down each arm for easy medical/breastfeeding access, and the back has a tie at the neck and one mid-back.  I didn't add the pocket the pattern called for nor did I include the "button holes" for heart leads, etc. 

I used my double needle for sewing the trim on which gave it an awesome, finished look. 

For the baby gown, I started with a Newborn sized onesie, and cut off the bottom.  I used a soft, black jersey material for the gown part, used thin elastic for the bottom {3/4 the diameter of the material} and sewed it all together.  For the initials, I used the same material as Mom's gown, with black behind it as an outline.  Heat 'N Bond-ed it together, and then stitched it on.

I am super {and yes, I know I need a new adjective!} excited with how it turned out!!! 
I love the details, how the black trim with the double stitching makes it look completely professional, and I hope Mrs. C is as happy with it as I am!  {I'll update with pictures if/when she sends me some!}

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