Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Creative AMnesia?

JuliaStitches openly admitted she's recently lost her "crafting mojo".  Apparently I have, too.  Maybe it's a reduction in caffeine?  Or just a crazy 14 month old keeping me on my toes every waking moment?  Despite the lack of posting, there have been a few projects ongoing in my house. 

I've already shown you Blueblanket:
who is still very loved (and in one piece!).  Yay!

 Because I obviously have a complex and don't want son #2 to feel inferior because he doesn't have a Mommy-made blanket (I'll blame it on my MiddleChild syndrome...).  ANYWAY...I decided to pretend I actually knew what I was doing and spent a ridiculous amount of time coming up with my own pattern.  I liked the lines and squares from "blueblanket", but wanted it to be a bit different.  It obviously doesn't have a name yet...you know, since H doesn't really speak much at 14 mos...but I was very pleased with how it turned out:

My only predicament now is that it matches G's bedroom better than H's.  Aghhhh!!!  What to do??!!!


Let's see....all 3 big boys (my oldest and JuliaStitches' 2) have their own personalized superhero capes:

AND, since we're a terribly cool team, she thought up and I produced.....

(Unfortunately for photographic purposes, said superhero belts combined with capes make you entirely too fast and unable to stand still for a photo-op.)
{capes and belts can be purchased at: http://www.thecaffeinatedmommy.etsy.com/}

Um...let's see.  I've also made a few more bibs for my etsy site...including some football ones:

I love pictures of happy {and absolutely adorable!!!} customers!!

I'm in the process of coming up with a "Boo-Hoo" boo-boo owl (he has rice in the bottom and once refrigerated, can be used as a cool pack).  He'll be super cute...I'll post pictures when I'm done with him.

And, for the same customer/friend, I've also just completed a bouncy scarf...another item she found on pinterest and asked if I could replicate.  It called for elastic thread - which, honestly I didn't even know existed!!  She doesn't have it yet, but here's to hoping she'll like it.  I think it turned out cute!

So, this post makes it appear that maybe I don't have Creative Amnesia.  Maybe it's just blogging amnesia.  =)

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